When it comes to leadership, the most complicated thing is to know how to manage people. This is the case twice over: zero infections in this retirement home during the most dramatic and brutal phase in the Spanish epidemic outbreak and social solvency of a strong brand as Montibello has in this global health crisis in the current socio-economic climate of widespread depression of all civil society.

The impact of the pandemic & the unfortunate outcome of the ill-fated management reflect the incompetence of political leaders. Isn’t it shocking?

If we’re not making someone’s life better, we’re wasting our time.

Since the breakout of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, all the professionals in a tremendously sensitive & forgotten field who are fighting in the trench free of all necessary protective measures. The staff of the homes for elderly people, where to our elders, for whom their age in Catalonia is already a death sentence, the Coronavirus Covid-19 infection has had more impact. The psychological & emotional impact they face & the sense of unease & helplessness of the most vulnerable population & those who are alone at home are desperate.

In an unprecedented time that is breaking all standards, and forcing us to look inward, today I’d like to express my immense gratitude to Montibello, who on Tuesday supplied ‘Les Gavines’ old people’s home in Castelldefels with the donation of 400 units of sanitary products between antibacterial hands and disinfectants solutions for surfaces which, in doing so, are allowing to alleviate the imperative situation. Beauty Care and Cosmetics market sectors are no exception, and many professional brands have made a huge effort to tackle the sudden supply shortages of basic health necessities, now turned into luxury product. Despite the difficulty the global health crisis and ensuing economic fallout has created, brands need to communicate clearly and honestly with their customers now more than ever. And for this reason I thank Enric Aliberch, Montibello Managing Director and Cosbar Group CEO, without whose social commitment, his flexible and efficient response to my solidarity campaign to help the most disadvantaged among us and his active support to aid the most affected, would not have been possible.

My life has been enriched by improving someone else’s life and it’s touching for me to see how people get involved, because support is the best tool against adversity.

A real race to solidarity.

‘Being grateful and not showing it is like having a gift and not delivering it,’ William Arthur Ward.

You matter us. We do care about you.
Stay healthy & strong.
TREC Barcelona. A team that works for you.

Written by Adelaida Subías

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