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Today my turn is to thank all the professionals in a tremendously sensitive & forgotten field who are fighting in the trench free of all necessary protective measures. The staff of the homes for elderly people, where to our elders, for whom their age in Catalonia is already a death sentence, the Coronavirus Covid-19 infection has had more impact. The psychological & emotional impact they face & the sense of unease & helplessness of the most vulnerable population & those who are alone at home are desperate.

The impact of the pandemic & the unfortunate outcome of the ill-fated management reflect the incompetence of political leaders in public health, the second guilty.

In Europe, programmes offering billions of euros in government loans to SMEs have made for powerful headlines. But these loans, typically distributed by commercial banks, come with plenty of hurdles for those who need funding most. The promised aids remain in a limbo of virtual bureaucracy based on forms that come with ‘Your application has been submitted’ &, in the end, a non-reply evil germ that self-destructs the request sent.

I do remind you of the importance of taking all possible precautions to avoid becoming infected.

You matter us. We do care about you.

Stay healthy & strong.

We encourage you to reach us for any assistance.

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Written by Adelaida Subías

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