The novel coronavirus has spread to 189 countries, infected 341,722 people and killed at least 14,765 worldwide as of March 23, causing lockdowns and forcing governments to urge people to stay apart from one another.

In Spain, COVID-19 so far leaves 39,675 infection cases, 2,696 deaths and 3,794 recovered patients.

The Spanish government senior political positions, as part of the health campaign to curb the epidemic spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, babble hollow improvisations. And there is already talk of valuing stronger measures to further retraint people’s mobility during the state of alarm. To justify their decision, they call for the closure of all non-essential activity.

The only economic activities authorized in a total closure scenario would be the transport of goods, pharmacy, food, supplying companies, petrol stations, insurers and banks, post offices, primary sector and media.

Times are hard for all, because of the lack of social contact, because of the extreme measures implemented, for isolation, but above all because of the dimensions of a disease that has already claimed thousands of deaths.

I do remind you of the importance of taking all possible precautions to avoid becoming infected.

You matter us. We do care about you.

Stay healthy & strong.

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